Talks & Seminars

This page contains details of talks, seminars and courses organised or led by GEReCo members.

 GEReCo Annual Open Seminar series (UCL-IOE)

The UCL-IOE geography group organises a summer seminar which is open to all. This addresses a matter of concern in geography education. We invite a leading academic or practitioner from outside the field of geography education to address the seminar.

Occasionally, the seminar is filmed:

2013 Powerful knowledge and geography in schools 

Michael Young on powerful knowledge

Margaret Roberts critiquing powerful knowledge

2016 The role of textbooks in the ‘resource ecology’ of geography teaching

Sarah Maughan on what we know from research

David Gardner: geography text book author and teacher trainer

Geography Education Research Seminars (GERS)

The University College London Institute of Education (UCL-IOE) has a Geography Special Interest Group. This group, currently Chaired by Mary Fargher, organises a open series of GERS.

The 2014-5 GERS programme was oriented to addressing the conceptual and theoretical basis for current and future developments in teacher education. The overarching question is: How and in what ways does the university contribute to the education, training and development of geography teachers (in both primary and secondary phases of school)? GER 2014-15

In 2015-6 this theme continues to develop. The UCL IOE Geography Special Interest Group 2015

The 2016-17 programme is as follows: ucl-ioe-gers-2016-17

International Geographical Union Commission for Geography Education – UK sub-committee

The UK subcommittee of the IGU-CGE has an annual research forum, normally in October. Link here.

It also organises a research-led conference on a two yearly basis (often to coincide with the Geographical Association’s annual conference in order the maximise the opportunities for international colleagues who need to travel).  Click here for the 2015 programme. Email Mary Fargher for more information

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