1. Community support in doctoral research

GEReCo launched the first in an annual series of support seminars for research students and their supervisors in 2012. These annual sessions are usually held in March. They are designed to meet the following aims:

  1. Provide ‘workshop’ support for invited PhD/EdD students and their supervisors, focusing on aspects of geography education (as opposed to providing an induction into generic themes, or ‘general research’ supervision)
  2. Help new supervisors and students conduct effective PhD supervisions in geography education.
  3. Provide guidance on bringing research to completion (and/or publication).
  4. Advise on the creation of suitable research projects/titles, good research questions and the identification of appropriate research methods and methodologies.

The first session – which explored aspects of 1 and 4 above – involved Professor David Lambert and Ben Major, as well as Dr Roger Firth and Steve Puttick. Ben and Steve were registered PhD students in geography education. Read more about their work (PDF) and download Ben’s presentation on Knowledge and the Geography Curriculum (PPT).

Note that both Ben and Steve obtained their PhDs in 2015. Read their work via the Link button above]

If you would like to participate please contact David Lambert or Graham Butt

2. Co-writing

GEReCo members are committed to find appropriate opportunities to co-write academic articles with less experienced colleagues nationally (sometimes internationally). This activity is designed to

  1. increase the ‘output’ of geography education research activity – especially in journals outside the subject specialist domain (eg in the fields of teacher education, curriculum studies, technologies in education etc)
  2. Mentor less experienced colleagues in forms of writing (and re-drafting, editing etc) appropriate for submission to academic journals – and in the processes of submission.

Members of GEReCo are always interested to hear from colleagues in schools and universities who are engaged in small scale research and who would like to consider publication! Make contact to individual GEReCo members direct via the Who we are page, or contact David Lambert or Graham Butt

Photograph reproduced under Creative Commons license from here.

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