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Graham Butt on his 2014 ‘Masterclass in Geography Education’ book

The book … is designed for Masters level students in Education predominantly with a Geography background, but they could be Environmental Ed or associated disciplines…

‘Professor Graham Butt, talks about his recent publication at a celebratory book launch of recent research publications under the School of Education. Graham’s book is called “Masterclass in Geography Education” (2014).’

David Lambert on the National Curriculum proposals

Teachers often have a lot of problems with a ‘knowledge-based curriculum’. I’m not interested in going back to a grad-grind, fact-based curriculum. …

A short film in which David Lambert contextualizes and explains his views on ‘the knowledge turn’.


Powerful Knowledge: to what extent is this idea applicable to school geography?

I welcome the opportunity to focus on Geography and Geographical knowledge because I share your (Michael Young’s) concerns about what the current / recent cultural and political context has meant for what’s happening to Geography in Geography lessons. …

Margaret Roberts, author of *Geography Through Enquiry* (2013 – from the Geographical Association), was invited to respond to Michael Young’s argument concerning ‘powerful knowledge’. This was with an audience of about 50 geography teachers and educationists on May 15 2013.’

The Museum of Contemporary Commodities (MoCC).

What if every shop were a museum and every object in it part of a museum of consumer culture?  What would those objects say? What kinds of stories would they tell? …

A short film made in 2013 about a ‘one-day Thinkering workshop … at the University of Exeter. MoCC was developed by Dr Ian Cook … and Paula Crutchlow (Blind Ditch) to explore trade justice activism in relationship to ubiqutous and pervasive technologies’. Read the live tweets from the day here. This project is now continuing as Paula’s PhD in Geography at Exeter.

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