What we do


GEReCo is an active group of geography educationists. This is our website and occasional blog. Find out more via the buttons above.

GEReCo exists in order to

  1. undertake and promote high quality research and scholarship in geography education,
  2. disseminate widely, through publications, electronic media, conferences and seminars, state of the art findings in geography education research,
  3. develop, promote and evaluate critical perspectives and new knowledge in geography education,
  4. actively propose and develop new research projects and seek funding from educational trusts, Research Councils and/or governmental sources,
  5. facilitate a research, discussion and publication forum, which meets at least three times a year, and
  6. add value and impact to the research activities of the international geography education community.

Activities and outputs

GEReCo meets in Autumn, Spring and Summer. This is to discuss strategy, identify opportunities, update each other on our current work and to coordinate any shared projects. You can find out more under ‘Our meetings’ near the bottom of this page.

Highlights of recent achievements include open seminars (eg on ‘powerful knowledge’ with Michael Young and a reply from Margaret Roberts); editing a special forum in International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education providing perspectives on geography education research; editing a special issue of RIGEO on geography in primary education; the publication of two books:

i.  Graham Butt (ed) (2011) Geography, education and the future

ii. Graham Butt (ed) (2015) MasterClass in Geography Education

GEReCo members have also, collectively or individually, contributed sessions to the RGS-IBG, AAG and GA annual conferences, contributed to the annual Geography Teacher Education conference, written letters and blog posts, held special seminars and published academic and professional articles.

The priorities are now twofold:

i. to develop a ‘ground up’ research initiative that meets Roger Firth’s demand that “there is a need for a more theoretically informed articulation of knowledge and the relation between knowledge and the curriculum and pedagogy” (Firth 2013 p 71). At our meeting in July 2015 we discussed the possibility of exploring ‘inferentialism’ as a way forward.

ii. to develop a successful proposal with the Education Endowment Fund (EEF). This will link closely with the conceptual underpinnings informing the ‘ground up’ research initiative in (i) above.

Strategic Gaze for the current year

Research plans/proposals {2016-17}

Development of an EEF research proposal developing geographical thinking using concept mapping techniques: Clare Brooks

Developing ‘inferentialist’ approached using of small scale interventions with PGCE students: Roger Firth

Horizon 2020 Marie Curie proposal for a GeoCapabilities inspired Innovative Training Network (ITN): David Lambert/Humboldt University, Berlin

Pupils Understanding of Climate Change: developing a pilot instrument (Madison/NIE Singapore/UCL-IOE): Clare Brooks

Writing an authored book: Graham Butt

Writing/reporting research: selected publications and conference contributions planned for {2016-17}

Textbooks: quality criteria, coherence, progression: Simon Catling

Subject didactics meets curriculum making NoFa 2017 : Clare Brooks

Social Realism conference 2017, Cambridge: Roger Firth

Historical understanding and geography teaching: Charles Rawding

Data, teachers, pupils and ‘life beyond levels’: Matt Finn

GeoCapabilities symposium: GTE Plymouth and GA Rex Walford Lecture): David Lambert

Inclusive Geographies? Mary Biddulph

Learning Progressions for Places and Regions, Panel, AAG 2017: Eleanor Rawling

Debates in Geography Education (2nd Edition): David Lambert and Mark Jones (Eds)

Chapters in different edited books – on citizenship (x3), curriculum knowledge and social realism: David Lambert

Specific links and relationship building {2016-17}

IGU-CGE: Clare Brooks elected Chair in 2016

NCGRE: long standing links and collaborations: (All)

Europe: eg ROSE Seeking to establish links in 2017 (UCL-IOE);       Eurogeo: (All)


Our Meetings

We meet three times in each academic year. Click the links below to read their abridged minutes:


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